FAQ Guidelines for Cabo Verde Insider Reviewers

You are encouraged to write a review if you've had a recent, genuine experience with any service or business related to Cabo Verde. Your experiences, whether big or small, offer invaluable insights for both businesses and fellow travelers.

Incentives: If a business offers you an incentive (discounts, gifts, etc.) to write a review, it's against our policy. Such practices can undermine the authenticity of your review.

Second-Hand Experiences: Reviews should be based on your personal experiences only. Writing on behalf of others is not permitted.

Biased Reviews: If you have a close association with or work for a business, please refrain from reviewing it to maintain impartiality.

Your review should be as detailed and specific as possible. Include relevant information about your experience, such as the quality of service or product, customer service interaction, and any aspect that contributed to your overall impression. This helps others make informed decisions based on your insights.

Keeping proof of your experience (receipts, order confirmations, screenshots of communications) is crucial. You might be asked to provide evidence to verify the authenticity of your review.

Respect and civility are paramount on Cabo Verde Insider. We expect reviews to be written in a respectful manner, free from harmful, hateful, or discriminatory language. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but it should be expressed in a way that fosters positive dialogue.

Yes, you can edit, update, or delete your review at any time. If your opinion changes or you wish to add more details based on further interactions, we encourage you to update your review to reflect the most accurate and current experience.

Reviews are public, so including sensitive or personal information is not advisable. Ensure your review respects the privacy of individuals and does not contain any information that could be used to identify, track, or impersonate someone.

One Account Per Person: You should only have one user account that accurately reflects your identity. Impersonating others or creating multiple accounts is prohibited.

Profile Guidelines: Your username and profile should not contain offensive or inappropriate content, as it is visible to all users.

Reviews or accounts that violate our guidelines may be subject to moderation, including editing or deletion of content. Repeated or severe breaches can lead to account suspension or deletion to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Any user can flag a review if they believe it violates our guidelines. Flagged reviews will be evaluated, and if found in breach, appropriate actions will be taken.

These guidelines serve as a foundation for fostering a transparent, respectful, and informative review community at Cabo Verde Insider. By adhering to these principles, reviewers contribute to a platform that values genuine experiences and constructive feedback, helping both businesses and travelers in Cabo Verde.